Current events

Archipelago Project

Open call
From 12th September to 17th October

Cinema for children

8th and 9th October
At Filmoteca de Catalunya

Feminist Film Manifestos VIII

30th September and 1st October

Routes of desire. Navigation chart through Archipelago

Virtual expo at La Virreina Centre de la Imatge website
From may to november 2022

Well known women directors (also) at home

In different towns of Catalonia
From October to December 2022

New Latin American Directors

7th, 14th and 21st October
At Cinemes Girona

Past events

Monograph: Márta Mészáros

8th and 21st September 2022

At Filmoteca de Catalunya

Summer Program

From 2nd June to 14th July 2022

Archipelago: Creative Lab

At Arts Santa Mònica
From 16th March to 15th June 2022

A journey throught film feminisms

At Filmoteca de Catalunya
Thursday 22nd March 2022

Carte blanche at Cineteca

At Cineteca (Matadero Madrid)
From 1st to 22nd March 2022