Filmic Persistences

From 21th to 26th May 

In collaboration with the Filmoteca de Catalunya

Filmic Persistences picks up on the original spirit of the MIFDB, promoting conversations between recovered films and contemporary works. The films are thus positioned as points in the same constellation, unfolding new galaxies of interpretative scenarios.

An image remains on the retina for a tenth of a second before disappearing. This is what is known as the persistence of vision. The persistences that give this programme its title refer to the filmmakers’ constant desire to shake up cinematic models through the invention of new narrative languages.

This programme is nourished by works that challenge the narrative of the traditional historiography of the global North through the construction of new bastard histories. The filmmakers turn the beam of their cameras, shedding light on dead spot, pixelated spaces such as a cell or a border. Throughout this filmic itinerary, the beam will also illuminate what remains outside the field of memory and recollection.

Full program here.

Filmoteca de Catalunya
Plaça de Salvador Seguí, 1-9. Barcelona
Metro L2, L3 Buses 21 / 59 / 88 / 91 / D20 / D50 / H14 / V11 / V13