Filmic persistences


With the collaboration of Filmoteca de Catalunya

At the Filmoteca de Catalunya

The section Filmic Persistences, which will be held at the Filmoteca de Cataluna, deepens in the original spirit of the MIFDB by bringing films rescued from other historical moments into dialogue with contemporary pieces. It aims to encourage this encounter for creating new scenarios of interpretation and to situate the films as points in the same constellation. To watch recovered films through today’s eyes stimulate the unfolding of new meanings and new relationships with audiences. The persistence of vision is a phenomenon that demonstrates how an image remains in the human retina for a tenth of a second before disappearing. The filmic persistences that give this programme its title, refer to the ongoing desire to shake up filmic models by inventing new languages to narrate our resistance. The pieces that nourish this programme are characterized by to use forms of production that show the insistence of past and present women filmmakers in using the medium of film as a form of social denunciation in processes that involve, in equal parts, feminist collectives, film professionals, workers and activists. There will be recent films in which we will observe the desire to recover the rebellious and subversive acts of women who have paved the way for us through animation, interviews or recreation. Also, we propose films that choose to focus on micro-resistance, minimal but profoundly transformative gestures such as recovering a seed in occupied territory, collecting wild plants or assembling discarded objects to create a entirely new piece. Extremely current, we will also see films that dare to raise the construction of our most complex desires, or that are understood as processes of individual, familiar or diasporic mourning.