The Mostra Internacional de Films de Dones de Barcelona (MIFDB) is a festival that began its trajectory in June 1993. Its objective is to make films directed by women and women’s audiovisual culture visible through the projection of filmographies of directors from all over the world, evidencing  the importance of the contribution of women in the development of audiovisual creation. After almost three decades of history, the Mostra has become a stable cultural space and an alternative exhibition platform that is increasingly committed to the debate on creative processes. Among the concerns of the Mostra is the debate on the role of film festivals. Our festival is organized around two moments in the yeat, it begins in summer and returns in autumn, offering an alternative to the competitive nature from most film festivals.

In recent years, the Mostra Internacional de Films de Dones de Barcelona has taken an interest in new branches of action that we organize under the name of “Thinking Factory”, becoming a distributor of some of the films that have passed through the festival through Mostra distribucions and creating Mostra Publicacions, an editorial space designed to host publications in various formats that give continuity to the knowledge circuit that takes place during the festival.

The festival’s archival activity and the calls for creation respond to the concern for memory and the desire to make visible and facilitate genealogies among women in cinema.





The first materializes mainly in our archive of films made by women, with more than 2,500 titles from almost 1,700 filmmakers from a hundred countries around the world. This collection, available for research, is currently the largest in Spain. On the other hand, the festival has an online archive, a web space that is nurtured by the work, cycles and programs of each of the festival’s editions. In addition, the festival launches open calls such as One Minute’s Video and the Archipelago Project, which stimulate audiovisual creation and the construction of new genealogies among women.

Mostra es mou is the name given to the different collaborations that the Muestra develops with other women’s film festivals in Spain, international exhibitions, entities and cultural centers interested in supporting women’s cinema, etc.

La Muestra is a co-founder and is part of TRAMA. Coordinator of film, video and multimedia shows and festivals carried out by women from the Spanish State and from CFF Catalunya Film Festivals.