One minute’s video 2019 | Open Call



One minute’s video is an invitation that we extend to women all over the world, so they record different aspects of their reality that signifies them as subjects.

Women wanting to participate in this collective piece must send a one minute’s sequence-shot that reflect on the proposed topic: FOOD. These pieces will take part in the collective film that will be broadcasted publicly through the festivals and exhibitions coordinated by TRAMA (Coordinator of women-directed video, cinema and media festivals and exhibitions of Spain). The final film will take part in the public domain image archive that One minute’s video keeps more than 20 years nourishing.


Food as a place where we can find pleasure, celebration, nutrition, diet, body and its stigmatization, health and stereotype, publicity, nature, commerce and agriculture. Fast food, slow food, vegetarian and vegan ways of life… Food and its relation with media spectacle, history or daily subsistence, words and literature, care and affection, community and party. 


All women can participate in One minute’s video without age or nationality restrictions. The recordings must fulfill the following specifications.

  • Pieces directed by women without age or nationality restrictions
  • Pieces must stick to the topic of each edition
  • Pieces must be recorded in a digital format (.mov or .mp4)
  • Pieces must be recorded as a sequence-shot, without editing
  • Pieces of one-minute duration
  • A final shot with the author’s name and home city must be included

Films must be sent through WeTransfer to after having fulfilled the following questionnaire:

Deadline: june the 30th 2019