Feminine space. Rowdy Imaginaries

Starting in March 2023

Programme organised jointly with the Instituto Cervantes


A film programme made up of four feature films travelling to eighteen cities around the world. This programme looks at the family archive, understanding it as a source of discovering microhistories, as well as uncovering histories of an entire country. It looks at women spectators, who sustain the film projections, at a cabaret that is a microcosm in which to find supportive networks, or the mutation in the relationship between a mother and a daughter over the years. The films that compose this programme have been selected amongst the creations of the last decade of fiction and cinema of the real in Spain and Latin America. All of them contain in their images and words the directors’ desire for self-knowledge and encounter with others.

Viaje al cuarto de una madre (Celia Rico, 2018, Estat espanyol, 90’)
La mami (Laura Herrero Gavín, 2019, Mèxic-Estat espanyol, 92’)
África 815 (Pilar Monsell, 2014, Estat espanyol, 66’)
Las cinéphilas (María Álvarez, 2017, Argentina, 62’)

Screenings in Albuquerque, Belgrade, Brasilia, Brussels, Budapest, Casablanca, Curitiba, Hamburg, Manchester, Beijing, Porto Alegre, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Salvador de Bahia, Sao Paulo, Shanghai and Sofia.