Vol. I of the MIFDB

Program from 21st May to 7th July 2024

Inventing habitable cartographies

To inhabit is to live or reside in a territory, to occupy a space, to settle down and put down roots, although one can also inhabit displacement, memory, bodies or desires, to wander and travel through them. What does it mean to make a space inhabitable? To make it friendly to life.

The 32nd Mostra Internacional de Films de Dones de Barcelona (MIFDB) returns to theatres and squares with a programme that has cartographies as its backbone. Through the eyes of the filmmakers selected for this year’s edition, we will inhabit spaces and territories, unique and interconnected microcosms. Their cinematic gaze will seek to illuminate and reconstruct dead spot: pixelated and inaccessible spaces like borders and prisons, pages torn out of history books unspeakable desires that defy narrative. Can cinema make a space, a body, a memory more habitable? Can images trace new cartographies?

Vol. I of this edition is divided into five sections: Filmic Persistences, Family Sessions and Retrospective at Sara Gómez, at the Filmoteca de Catalunya, the open-air screenings Cinema out of Place and Special Sessions, at the Centre d’Arts Santa Mònica.

Filmic Persistences

At the Filmoteca de Catalunya
From 21st to 26th May

Familiar Sessions

At the Filmoteca de Catalunya
25th and 26th May

Special Sessions

At the Centre d’Arts Santa Mònica and the Zumzeig

28th May, 11th i 25th June

Sara Gómez Retrospective

At the Filmoteca de Catalunya
From 29th May to 6th June

Cinema Out of Place

In the squares of Barcelona
From 26th May to 3rd July

Educational Activities

Educational centers of Catalonia
From March to June